ZA: Zombies Anonymous

Zombies Anonymous is a horror/comedy zombie film released in 2006, starring Gina Ramsden and Joshua Nelson. It was written and directed by Marc Fratto and produced by New York production company Insane-o-rama productions.

ZA: Zombies Anonymous Stats

Release Date

: 2005


: 1 hr 58 min


: English Language


: Horror | B movie | Parody | Zombie Film


: United States of America

ZA: Zombies Anonymous Actors

  1. Joshua Nelson
  2. Christa McNamee
  3. J. Scott Green
  4. Kevin T. Collins
  5. Jocasta Bryan
  6. Shannon Moore
  7. Gaetano Iacono
  8. Gina Ramsden
  9. Constantine Taylor
  10. Mary Jo Verruto

ZA: Zombies Anonymous Directors

  1. Marc Fratto