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Jesús González Dávila
Details about Jesús González Dávila.

Jesús López-Cobos
Jesús López-Cobos is a Spanish conductor. López-Cobos was born in Toro, Zamora, Castile-León, Spain. He studied at Complutense University of Madrid and graduated with a degree in philosophy. Later he studied conducting with Franco Ferrara and...

Jesús Ferrero
Jesús Ferrero is a Spanish writer born in 1952 in the Spanish province of Zamora. After completing his secondary education he studied literature in Zaragoza for a while and then moved to Paris to study ancient Greek history at the École des haut...

Wanda De Jesus
Wanda De Jesus is an American actress. She is most notably recognized for her role as the fourth actress to portray Santana Andrade #4 in NBC's soap opera Santa Barbara. Aside from her work on soap operas, Wanda appeared in several TV shows in a gues

Jesús Navarro
Details about Jesús Navarro.

Jesús Pérez-Miranda
Jesús Pérez-Miranda is a film editor, screenwriter, producer and film director.

Jesus Pingo
Jesus Pingo is an actor.

Matheus de Jesús
Matheus de Jesús is an actor.

Jesus Tordesillas
Jesús Tordesillas was a Spanish film actor. He appeared in 94 films between 1921 and 1973. He starred in the film Reckless which was entered into the 1951 Cannes Film Festival.

Jesús Monllaó Plana
Jesús Monllaó Plana is a screenwriter, film director and editor.
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