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5 Interesting Facts About The Life Of Jordan's King Abdullah
10 Feb 2015 @ 3PM PDT

King Abdullah II of Jordan of Jordan isn't just your regular, boring world leader. Here are 5 interesting facts you may not have known about him…

Once The Seventh Richest Person In The World, Eike Batista Is Now Worth NEGATIVE $1.2 Billion
09 Feb 2015 @ 10PM PDT

Not that long ago, Eike Batista was the richest person in Brazil with a net worth of $35 billion. Today he is worth NEGATIVE $1.2 billion.

Sam Smith Settles Plagarism Accusations From Tom Petty
09 Feb 2015 @ 2PM PDT

You know who is really happy Sam Smith won Song of the Year at last night's Grammy awards? Tom Petty.

Recently Homeless Sly Stone Wins HUGE Judgment In Stolen Royalty Lawsuit–But Will He Ever Collect?
09 Feb 2015 @ 12PM PDT

Sly Stone, who was recently homeless and living out of a van, just won a major award in a lawsuit against his former managers. But will he ever see a penny of it?

That Knockoff Painting You Just Bought At A Garage Sale? It Really Isn't A Knockoff. And Now You're Rich.
08 Feb 2015 @ 5PM PDT

A guy buys a painting at a garage sale thinking it is a knockoff of a 200-year-old classic work of art. Turns out, it isn't a knockoff at all!

Hedge Fund Billionaire's Ex-Wife Wants $1 Million PER MONTH In Alimony
08 Feb 2015 @ 2PM PDT

If you thought $400k per month in alimony was a lot to ask, meet the woman who wants a cool million!

Looking To Earn Some Extra Money? Sell Your Poop For Cash!
08 Feb 2015 @ 12PM PDT

If you want to earn a little bit of extra income every week, AND you love to poop… I have a fantastic opportunity for you!

How Much Money Does An Astronaut Make?
08 Feb 2015 @ 6AM PDT

Not only do you get to walk on the moon, you also take home a nice paycheck!

Meet The Tankard Family–Thicker Than Water Reality Stars
08 Feb 2015 @ 5AM PDT

With all of the reality shows on TV these days, it's easy to get lost in it all. One popular reality television series is Bravo's Thicker Than Water: The Tankards…

What Happens To Bobbi Kristina Brown's Money If She Dies?
06 Feb 2015 @ 4PM PDT

I realize this is an uncomfortable/icky question, but what happens to Whitney Houston's money if Bobbi Kristina Brown dies?

How Much Money Has Tiger Woods Earned On And Off The Course During His Career So Far?
06 Feb 2015 @ 12PM PDT

When you add up his endorsement income and tournament winnings, how much money has Tiger Woods earned on and off the course between 1996 and 2014?

Walmart Heiress's Ex-Husband Wants $400k PER MONTH In Alimony
05 Feb 2015 @ 11PM PDT

Earlier this week, the ex-husband of a Walmart heiress filed to receive a mind-boggling amount of monthly alimony.

This Ex-Janitor Left Behind A Secret Fortune No One Saw Coming
05 Feb 2015 @ 4PM PDT

A Vermont gas station attendant who wore ragged clothes and held his raggedy clothes together with safety pins was hiding an amazing secret….

If Cristiano Ronaldo Wanted To Leave Real Madrid, It Would Take An Insane Amount Of Money
05 Feb 2015 @ 2PM PDT

You will not believe how much money it would take for Cristiano Ronaldo to get out of his contract with Real Madrid.

If Someone Bought Celebrity Net Worth For $100 Million–I Would Buy This House
04 Feb 2015 @ 5PM PDT

A historic mansion in Marin County, California just went on the market for $50 million. And I want it.