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How much does everything in the world cost? How much money does everyone in the world make? Check back daily to find out salaries of every profession from the President to a registered nurse to a speech pathologist. Also check back daily to find out interesting facts like how much gold costs, how much fancy cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis cost and much more!

How To Turn $35 Into $2 Million All From Your Couch While Watching Football
21 Dec 2014 @ 1PM PST

If you love football and can scrape together $35, you can be a multi-millionaire by following these simple steps…

Michael Vick Is On The Verge Of Pulling Off A Financial Victory No One Could Have Predicted
19 Dec 2014 @ 12PM PST

After losing his career, going to jail and filing for bankruptcy, Michael Vick was at financial rock bottom with $18 million in debt. Against all odds, he is on the verge of paying all his debts back.

Amazing Mystery Woman Performs Christmas Miracle For 150 Struggling Families
13 Dec 2014 @ 5PM PST

An amazing mystery woman just performed a Christmas miracle for 150 struggling families in Massachusetts. You have to read it to believe it.

When A Japanese Baseball Player Wants To Play In The US – It Can Be An Extremely Expensive And Risky Gamble
11 Dec 2014 @ 3PM PST

If a baseball player in Japan wants to play in the American big leagues, it's an extremely expensive gamble that could easily flop. Just ask the Red Sox and Daisuke Matsuzaka.

The 10 Best Jobs You Can Get Without a College Education
04 Dec 2014 @ 12PM PST

The following 10 jobs don't require a college degree, have below average stress levels, are in growing industries, and have impressive salaries…

The Most Expensive Paintings Of All Time
21 Nov 2014 @ 3PM PST

What are the 10 most expensive paintings that have ever been sold at auction? What astronomical sums of money did they end up fetching?? And From who???

The Two Largest Drug Busts Of All Time
20 Nov 2014 @ 7PM PST

You wont believe the dollar value of the two largest drug busts of all time. Truly mind blowing. Now I understand how Pablo Escobar was so damn rich.

Seven NFL Quarterbacks Who Have Gotten Rich As A Career Backup
20 Nov 2014 @ 11AM PST

Being a backup quarterback to an all-star player might be the best life you could ever imagine. You get paid big bucks without really ever having to do much work.

The 10 Largest Sports Contracts In US History
18 Nov 2014 @ 2PM PST

Earlier today it was announced that Giancarlo Stanton had officially signed a record-setting new contract with the Miami Marlins. It is the largest contract in US sports history…

This Miracle Service Blocks Unwanted Robocalls – I Had To Share This
11 Nov 2014 @ 3PM PST

If you or someone you know suffers from annoying land line spammer robocalls, PLEASE READ AND SHARE THIS ARTICLE!

Should Alex Rodriguez Be Allowed Back In Baseball? It's A $73 Million Question.
07 Nov 2014 @ 11AM PST

Alex Rodriguez is 40 years old and an admitted steroid user. And he still easily could earn as much as $73 million from baseball. But not if the Yankees or Major League Baseball can find a way to stop him.

The Largest Bank Robbery Of All Time – $1 Billion Cash Stolen
04 Nov 2014 @ 5PM PST

The largest bank robbery of all time occurred on March 18, 2003. Over $1 billion in cash walked right out the bank's front doors.

Meet The 21 Year Old Who Is Making A Fortune Off Truffles. Yup. Truffles.
01 Nov 2014 @ 3PM PST

This 21 year old is one of the most important people in the New York restaurant industry. He's also a millionaire thanks to… truffles??!!

How To Become A Super Successful Commercial Actor
30 Oct 2014 @ 11PM PST

You know those guys you see over and over in commercials for a dozen different brands? Ever wanted to know how they got there and how much money they're raking in? You're about to find out…

10 Things You Can Buy If You Had A Billion Dollars
30 Oct 2014 @ 2PM PST

Just for fun, let's assume you wanted to spend that billion dollars all at once. What are some things you could buy or do that would exhaust that large amount of cash?