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How much does everything in the world cost? How much money does everyone in the world make? Check back daily to find out salaries of every profession from the President to a registered nurse to a speech pathologist. Also check back daily to find out interesting facts like how much gold costs, how much fancy cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis cost and much more!

How To Become A Super Successful Commercial Actor
30 Oct 2014 @ 11PM PDT

You know those guys you see over and over in commercials for a dozen different brands? Ever wanted to know how they got there and how much money they're raking in? You're about to find out…

10 Things You Can Buy If You Had A Billion Dollars
30 Oct 2014 @ 2PM PDT

Just for fun, let's assume you wanted to spend that billion dollars all at once. What are some things you could buy or do that would exhaust that large amount of cash?

How Severe Wealth Inequality Is Fueling The Hong Kong Protests
28 Oct 2014 @ 7PM PDT

The Hong Kong protests have now lasted over a month. One of the main issues that continues to fuel local anger is the stunning wealth inequality on the tiny Asian island…

20 Amazing Motivational Quotes from Billionaires
03 Oct 2014 @ 11AM PDT

If you're gonna seek inspiration from anyone on the planet, it might as well be someone who has earned a 10-figure fortune. Here are 20 of our favorite motivational quotes from billionaires…

What It's Like To Fly In A Private First Class Suite On Singapore Airlines – Where A Round Trip Ticket Could Cost $20,000+
30 Sep 2014 @ 6PM PDT

If you're a billionaire and your private jet breaks down, flying in a First Class suite on Singapore Airlines is a really nice alternative. Might even be better than the PJ!

How Much Money Has Roger Goodell Earned As NFL Commissioner?
25 Sep 2014 @ 3PM PDT

Any time Roger Goodell feels stressed out from the challenges of being NFL commissioner, he probably just logs into his checking account and refreshes the page, over and over and over.

The 14 Most Expensive Yachts In the World
24 Sep 2014 @ 5PM PDT

If you have the means to afford one these, congratulations on winning at life. These are the most expensive yachts in the world right now.

314 Americans Have Parked An Absolutely Staggering Amount Of Money In Their Retirement Accounts
22 Sep 2014 @ 5PM PDT

While most of us dream of some day having a modest retirement account that lets us live a few golden years on the beach, 314 Americans have managed to set aside an astonishing amount of tax-free retirement dollars…

NFL Referee Salary
07 Sep 2014 @ 6AM PDT

What is the annual NFL referee salary? NFL referees are technically not full time employees. It is essentially a very high paying side job.

How Much Was Pablo Picasso Worth When He Died?
30 Jul 2014 @ 12PM PDT

Pablo Picasso left a massive artistic legacy. He also left a valuable estate, two wives, three mistresses, and four children. The only thing he didn't leave was a will.

How Weird Al Rocked The Social Media World To Reach #1 On The Charts
28 Jul 2014 @ 10AM PDT

Despite having a very successful career than spans nearly 40 years, Weird Al Yankovic has never actually had a #1 album on the Billboard charts. Until now!

At 16 Dawn Lafreeda Started Waiting Tables At Denny's, Today She Owns 75 Locations.
17 Jul 2014 @ 5PM PDT

At 16 she took a job as a Denny's hostess. At 23 she bought her first franchise. Today Dawn Lafreeda owns 75 Denny's locations and is one of the most successful franchise owners in the country.

How Much Do The World Cup Referees Make? Also, How Much Do The Players Get Paid???
11 Jul 2014 @ 6PM PDT

How much will the referees get paid at the 2014 World Cup? And while we're at it, how much will the players earn in base salary and potential bonuses?

How Much Money Will LeBron James Sacrifice In His Quest For Rings? How Does The IRS Impact Decision 2.0?
10 Jul 2014 @ 12PM PDT

At any moment LeBron James could announce where he will be playing next season. Will he stay Florida? Return to Ohio? California? Texas? And how does the IRS impact his decision?

Ohio Man Launches Kickstarter To Raise $10 Dollars To Help Him Make Potato Salad. He Just Crossed $71,000.
09 Jul 2014 @ 12PM PDT

Last week, a heroic Ohio man named Zack "Danger" Brown set out to make his humble potato salad-related dreams come true. Wait till you hear what happened next.