¿Cuánto cuesta

¿Cuánto cuesta todo en el mundo? ¿Cuánto dinero hacen las personas en el mundo? Averígüelo cada día al descubrir los sueldos de todas las profesiones desde el presidente, a una enfermera registrada, a un patólogo del habla. También se puede buscar diariamente para averiguar datos interesantes, como los precios del oro, los coches de lujo como Ferraris y Lambourghinis y mucho más.

If You Bought 100 Shares Of Coca-Cola In 1919, You Would Be A Very Happy Person Today…
02 Mar 2015 @ 8PM PST

If you traveled back in time and bought 100 shares of Coca Cola in 1919, how much money would you have today?

Which NBA Players Have Made The Most Money During Their Careers?
27 Feb 2015 @ 10AM PST

Here's a look at the top 10 highest-paid NBA players in history…

Apple's Market Cap Tops $700 Billion. Is It The Most Valuable Company In History?
11 Feb 2015 @ 11AM PST

Yesterday Apple's market cap topped $700 billion for the first time. Apple is by far the most valuable company in the US. What about the world? What about of all time?

How Much Money Does An Astronaut Make?
08 Feb 2015 @ 6AM PST

Not only do you get to walk on the moon, you also take home a nice paycheck!

How Much Money Has Tiger Woods Earned On And Off The Course During His Career So Far?
06 Feb 2015 @ 12PM PST

When you add up his endorsement income and tournament winnings, how much money has Tiger Woods earned on and off the course between 1996 and 2014?

Understanding The Crazy Billion Dollar World Of Soccer Transfer Fees And Loans
02 Feb 2015 @ 6PM PST

What does it mean when a soccer player is sold for a $160 million transfer fee? How does this transfer fee system work?

What Qualifies Someone To Be A Member Of The 1%?
29 Jan 2015 @ 10PM PST

How much money do you need to make or have in savings in order to be a card-carrying member of the 1%???

How Much is that Doggie in the Window? $3 Million!!!
27 Jan 2015 @ 2PM PST

In the market for a dog? The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the cutest and most loveable dogs in the world. Want one? Better have deep pockets!!!

Do Host Cities Actually Make Money Off Big Sporting Events Like The Super Bowl?
26 Jan 2015 @ 2PM PST

The NFL claims the Super Bowl generates $600 million for the host city. Is that true? Do cities that host major sporting events ever actually make any money from the events?

How Apple CEO Tim Cook Could Become A Billionaire
23 Jan 2015 @ 8PM PST

Thanks to a generous long-term stock incentive plan, Apple CEO Tim Cook is on his way to becoming a billionaire. When and how might this happen?

Most Pennies Are Worth One Cent (Duh!) – This Penny Is Worth $2.6 Million
22 Jan 2015 @ 3PM PST

Lots of people discard pennies, even going so far as to throw them in the trash! But I bet you wouldn't trash a penny if you knew it could be worth $2.6 million!

Jersey Shore Cast Net Worths Today
21 Jan 2015 @ 12PM PST

It's been a merciful three years since Jersey Shore ended its run on MTV, so how are the finances of the cast members looking today?

These Three Actors Just Earned A TON Of Money To Spend TWO DAYS Filming A Commercial For A Macau Casino
13 Jan 2015 @ 7PM PST

Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro recently spent TWO DAYS filming a commercial for a casino in Macau. Wait till you hear how much they earned for those 48 hours.

You Won't Believe How Much Someone Paid For This Seemingly Ordinary Photograph Of A River
13 Jan 2015 @ 5PM PST

How much would you pay for a photo-shopped photograph of a river on a hazy day? Maybe $50? $100? Certainly not millions!? How did this happen?

After Earning $80 Million In The NFL – How Did Terrell Owens Lose All His Money???
12 Jan 2015 @ 5PM PST

Terrell Owens earned approximately $80 million in salary alone during his NFL career. Today that money is all gone. How did this happen?