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Wait Till You Hear How Much Silvio Berlusconi Pays His Ex-Wife In Alimony… Every Single Day.
16 Sep 2014 @ 6PM PDT

Silvio Berlusconi had one of the most controversial political careers ever. Now he has one of the most expensive divorce settlements to go with it.

Ten Billionaires Who Dropped Out of College
16 Sep 2014 @ 4PM PDT

These 10 billionaires are exceptionally intelligent people who built their careers and companies from the ground up… without finishing their college degrees!

In 2007, Bear Stearns CEO Jimmy Cayne Was Worth Over $1 Billion. Guess How Much He Sold His Stock For In 2008…
15 Sep 2014 @ 4PM PDT

At the peak of Bear Stearns' life as a financial powerhouse, CEO Jimmy Cayne owned $1 billion worth of company stock. Then the company collapsed. And with it, so did Jimmy's fortune.

Visiting London? Book A Room At This Amazing $70 Million Super-Yacht Hotel
14 Sep 2014 @ 6PM PDT

The Sunborn Superyacht Hotel in London is one of a handful of floating hotels that are poised to change the way we take a luxury vacation.

After Tonight Floyd Mayweather's Career Earnings Will Top $400 Million
13 Sep 2014 @ 12PM PDT

Floyd Mayweather might not be able to read, but that's not stopping him from cashing huge checks for one night of work.

Billionaire Craig McCaw is Selling His Island Paradise for $75 Million.  Too Bad It Was Stolen.
12 Sep 2014 @ 4PM PDT

Telecommunications billionaire Craig McCaw is attempting to sell his private Canadian island for $75 million. The only problem is that someone else actually owns it… and they want it back.

Who Are The Rothschilds? How Did They Rise From The Slums To Become The Wealthiest And Most Powerful Family Ever?
11 Sep 2014 @ 7PM PDT

How did a poor family of German street traders transform themselves into the most powerful and wealthy people on the planet? This is the story of The Rothschild banking dynasty.

The Rolling Stones Are Worth A Combined $900 Million. So Why Do They Keep Touring Rather Than Enjoy Their Golden Years?
11 Sep 2014 @ 11AM PDT

The Rolling Stones are multi-millionaires many times over. So why do these septuagenarians keep up the grueling pace of multi-year world tours? Why don't they just relax and play golf or something?

Did You Know That When The Titanic Sank, The Richest Person In The World Was On Board And Went Down With The Ship?
10 Sep 2014 @ 6PM PDT

More than 1500 people died when the Titanic sank. Many of the casualties were third class passengers from steerage. But not all the victims were poor. In fact, one of the casualties happened to be the richest person in the world…

Design Video Game. Make $300 Million In Royalties. Sell To Microsoft For $2.5 Billion. Game…. Set… Notch.
10 Sep 2014 @ 1PM PDT

Rumors are circulating that Microsoft is about to spend $2 billion to buy a video game company that most people have probably never heard of. A company that pays its founder $100-150 million a year in licensing royalties for something he created in 2010.

Everything You Need To Know From Week 1 Of The NFL
09 Sep 2014 @ 12AM PDT

With up to 16 games going on in any given week, it can be tough to keep up with all of the action around the NFL. But don't worry. We've got you covered.

Five More Billionaires Who Literally Went From Rags To Riches
08 Sep 2014 @ 6PM PDT

The phrase "rags to riches" is thrown out very casually nowadays. These five people absolutely deserve the description. They literally went from rags to billion dollar riches.

S. Truett Cathy – Chick-Fil-A's Rags To Riches Billionaire Founder – Has Died At The Age Of 93
08 Sep 2014 @ 11AM PDT

Earlier today, fast food restaurant Chick-Fil-A confirmed that company founder S. Truett Cathy has died at the age of 93. Regardless of what you think of his controversial religious views, he was an undeniably amazing entrepreneur.

Who Was The World's First Billionaire?
07 Sep 2014 @ 7AM PDT

Who was the first human being in history to have more than $1 billion dollars in personal net worth? I'll give you a hint: Rockafella Y'All.

How Much Does An NFL Cheerleader Make? NFL Cheerleader Salary
07 Sep 2014 @ 6AM PDT

How much money do NFL cheerleaders get paid to shake their pompoms on the sidelines? Is cheerleading a viable career path?