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One Day He Was The Richest Person In The World. The Next Day He was Bankrupt. The Unreal Life Story Of Nelson Bunker Hunt…
22 Oct 2014 @ 6PM PDT

Nelson Bunker Hunt died yesterday living in extremely modest circumstances. That's notable because at one point in the early 1980s, Nelson Bunker Hunt was the richest person on the planet…

The Highest Paid Female CEO In America Is Transgender
21 Oct 2014 @ 10PM PDT

Out of the 200 highest paid CEOs in America last year, only 11 were women. And out of those 11, the highest paid woman of them all has a very unique story…

The 10 Most Exclusive Country Clubs in the World
21 Oct 2014 @ 2PM PDT

Jack Nicklaus himself was famously turned away from one of the clubs on this list. Let's take a look at the 10 most exclusive country clubs in the world!

Meet the 8-Year-Old Millionaire Who Has Taken YouTube by Storm
21 Oct 2014 @ 2PM PDT

For the elementary school set, EvanTubeHD, is THE YouTube channel of the moment. It's earned over a million dollars in ad revenue. For it's eight-year old star, however, it's just a cool project with Dad.

These Two Doctors Saved A Generation From Polio And Forfeited Billions In Royalties For The Good Of Humanity
20 Oct 2014 @ 6PM PDT

Doctors Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin saved an entire generation from horrors of Polio. But more impressively, they both decided not to patent their creations and therefore forfeited billions in royalties.

This Child of Slaves Grew Up to Become America's First Female Millionaire
20 Oct 2014 @ 11AM PDT

Madam CJ Walker went from being the child of slaves to America's first female millionaire. Her remarkable story is a reminder that anything is possible.

Rooney And Kate Mara Probably Have Very Good NFL Tickets – Wanna Know Why?
19 Oct 2014 @ 5PM PDT

Kate Mara and Rooney Mara are sisters and successful, highly sought after actresses. They are also the heirs to two of the biggest football empires in the country.

Awkard Photos Of Rappers In High School
16 Oct 2014 @ 5PM PDT

Even the coolest rap star in the world was once an awkward teenager with bad hair and horrible clothes on class photo day…

Did You Know That Bikram Yoga Is A Copyrighted Empire That Is Controlled By One Person?
15 Oct 2014 @ 10PM PDT

Have you ever heard of Bikram Yoga? Did you know that the entire Bikram empire is copyrighted and controlled by one extremely wealthy (and flexible) yogi named Bikram Choudhury?

The Highest Paid Comedians In The World
15 Oct 2014 @ 1PM PDT

The 10 highest paid comedians in the world are laughing all the way to the bank. Sorry, that joke was unavoidable.

Good News: You Get To Ride In A Private Jet! Bad News: It's Because You Have Ebola.
15 Oct 2014 @ 1PM PDT

Moving someone when they are sick is hard. Moving someone when they are infected with a highly contagious, deadly disease is even harder. But it helps when you have this amazing tricked out private jet.

The Ice Bucket Challenge Raised A Ton Of Money – Is That A Blessing Or A Curse?
14 Oct 2014 @ 6PM PDT

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raised nearly $115 million for the ALS Association. However, the sudden influx of cash is not all it's cracked up to be.

The Hottest Billionaire Offspring
13 Oct 2014 @ 10PM PDT

As if being born the daughter or son of a billionaire wasn't lucky enough, these offspring also turned out to be gorgeous human beings…

The Most Valuable NFL Teams – 2014
12 Oct 2014 @ 6AM PDT

The 2014 football season is finally underway so we thought it would be a perfect time to take a look at the most valuable NFL teams on the planet.

How A Very Guilty Conscience Accidentally Created The Nobel Prize
10 Oct 2014 @ 3PM PDT

Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel never intended to launch a philanthropic foundation with his massive dynamite fortune. I guess you should never underestimate the power of a guilty conscience…