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Contrary To What Every Politician Predicted, Eminem Turned Out To Be A Pretty Amazing Human Being
25 Jan 2015 @ 10PM PST

In the late 90s, every parent, preacher and politician was terrified of Eminem. He actually turned out to be one of the most upstanding, generous and generally respectable people in the world.

Everything You Need To Know About The Life And Career Of Adele Dazeem… I Mean Idina Menzel :)
25 Jan 2015 @ 6PM PST

Performing at the 2015 Super Bowl is just the icing on the cake for singer-actress Idina Menzel. Here's everything you need to know about her career to date.

New Tell-All Book Describes Floyd Mayweather's Absolutely Insane Spending Habits And Lifestyle
25 Jan 2015 @ 1PM PST

Thanks to a former assistant, we're learning what every day life is actually like for Floyd Mayweather behind the scenes. And it's even crazier than you could have imagined.

Dragons Den Dragons Net Worth
23 Jan 2015 @ 6PM PST

What are the net worths of the Dragon's Den dragons? AKA the Canadian version of Shark Tank.

It's Easy To Become A Pro Bowl Quarterback – Just Ask Andy Dalton
23 Jan 2015 @ 4PM PST

Very few people would call Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton's most recent season, "good". So how on earth did he become a Pro Bowl QB???

How Did The U.S. Come To Control Guantanamo Bay, Cuba In The First Place???
23 Jan 2015 @ 1PM PST

Imagine how unfathomable it would have been if America owned a 50 mile section of Moscow during the cold war. That's essentially what happened in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. HOW????

Meet the Unlikely Hero in the War Against Ticket Scalpers — Kid Rock!
21 Jan 2015 @ 12PM PST

His naammmmme is KIDDDDDDDDD!!!! KID ROCK!!!! And he's turned out to be the most unlikely hero in the war against scumbag ticket scalpers.

How Much Does The President Make?
20 Jan 2015 @ 6PM PST

How much money does the President of the United States make? President Barack Obama earns an impressive salary, along with a few bonuses like an annual expense account, a travel account and an entertainment stipend.

A Simple Story Explaining Why All Banks Should Validate Their Customer's Parking
20 Jan 2015 @ 6PM PST

The true story that shows why every bank should validate customer parking, regardless of who that customer is and how much money they have.

Pharrell And Music Tycoon Irving Azoff Are Suing YouTube For $1 Billion
20 Jan 2015 @ 5PM PST

YouTube's Refusal to Remove 20,000 Songs Could Cost Them Up to $1 Billion!! At least, that's what will happen if Pharrell Williams has his way…

How YouTube Helped A Homeless Filipino Teenager Become The Lead Singer of the One of the World's Most Successful Bands
19 Jan 2015 @ 8PM PST

The amazing story of how Arnel Pineda went from being a homeless teenager to cover-band singer to fronting one of the most famous rock bands in the world…

Everything You Need To Know From The NFL Conference Championships
18 Jan 2015 @ 8PM PST

What a crazy couple of games! In case you missed anything, here are the highlights from the first round of the playoffs…

He's Sold More Digital Songs Than Anyone Else And You've Probably Never Heard His Name…
18 Jan 2015 @ 5PM PST

Jay Chou has sold more digital singles than any other music artist on the planet. So why haven't we heard more about him?

Imagine Getting Fired From Google NINE DAYS Before The IPO Was Announced
18 Jan 2015 @ 2PM PST

Getting fired is never fun. It's especially un-fun when getting fired also costs you a massive fortune and sets off a lengthy and painful lawsuit.

Behold! These Are The Most Popular Videos And Channels On YouTube…
16 Jan 2015 @ 5PM PST

The world's YouTube viewing habits prove just how wild, wacky, and varying our tastes are. You'll be surprised by what we are all actually watching.