Celebrity Homes

Celebrity homes come in all kinds of fabulous shapes, sizes and locations. Celebrities live in mansions, ranches and luxurious penthouse apartments. You'll find hollywood celebrity homes in California, New York, Paris, London and in dozens of exclusive towns worldwide. Here you can find lots of articles that take you inside real celebrity houses. See where all your favorite stars live and look at photos of their lavish mansions!

Jon Bon Jovi's House:  The Ageless Rocker Can't Sell Real Estate Like He Sells Albums
12 Sep 2013 @ 3PM PDT

Jon Bon Jovi's house reappears on the market with a noticeably lower selling price. Related Links: Jon Bon Jovi Net Worth

Taylor Swift's House:  The One House That Was Not Attached to a Boyfriend
09 Sep 2013 @ 9PM PDT

Taylor Swift's house from childhood sells for $700,000, as the current owners decide to move on to a less famous property. Related Link: Taylor Swift Net Worth

Anne Hathaway's House:  $4 Million is Too Much to Spend on a Walk-In Closet
07 Sep 2013 @ 4PM PDT

Anne Hathaway's house hits the market as she decides a $4 million closet is just a little too extravagant. Related Link: Anne Hathaway Net Worth

Catherine Zeta-Jones' House:  When Separating Means Separating Your Houses, Too
03 Sep 2013 @ 11PM PDT

Catherine Zeta-Jones' house is actually one of four major properties – all of which may need to be divided if her separation from Michael Douglas becomes permanent. Related Link: Catherine Zeta-Jones Net Worth, Michael Douglas Net Worth

Matt Damon's House:  The Private Star Buys a Very Public House
02 Sep 2013 @ 9PM PDT

Matt Damon's house in the Hollywood Hills is a the most public purchase the press shy actor has made in a long time. Related Link: Matt Damon Net Worth

Barry Zito Lists $10 Million Marin County Mansion
01 Sep 2013 @ 3PM PDT

Barry Zito's house hits the market for $9.775 million, and it's only a matter of time before some Giants' fan snatches it up. Related Link: Barry Zito Net Worth

Bruce Willis' House:  The Actor's Rough Year Continues With a Mansion That Just Won't Sell
30 Aug 2013 @ 11PM PDT

Bruce Willis' house hit the market in May at $22 million. As of August, the price has dropped to $20 million. The man is clearly desperate. Related Link: Bruce Willis Net Worth, Bruce Willis Mansion

Salma Hayek's House:  The Latina Leading Lady Lists Her First Home for $9500 Per Month
27 Aug 2013 @ 10PM PDT

Salma Hayek's house hits the rental market for just under $10,000 per month. Related Link: Salma Hayek Net Worth

Wilmer Valderrama's House:  The Actor Is Ready to Dump His Frat Boy Compound
26 Aug 2013 @ 10PM PDT

Wilmer Valderrama's house is in desperate need of some TLC, as he puts it on the market for almost $3.5 million. Related Link: Wilmer Valderrama Net Worth

Ken Jordan's House:  The Crystal Method DJ Unloads a Sweet Mansion
25 Aug 2013 @ 9PM PDT

Ken Jordan's house sells for more than the asking price, as one half of The Crystal Method decides to move to even greener pastures. Related Link: The Crystal Method Performing with Martha Reeves

Celine Dion's $72 Million House: The Price Will Go On and On
23 Aug 2013 @ 10PM PDT

Celine Dion's house in Florida hits the market with the dizzying price tag of $72 million. Related Link: Celine Dion Net Worth

R. Kelly's House:  If We Wait Long Enough Maybe They Will Give It Away
21 Aug 2013 @ 2PM PDT

R. Kelly's house is on sale for a song. Maybe if we wait long enough – the bank will give it away. Related Link: R Kelly Net Worth

Max Martin's House:  The Master of Pop Buys the Former Home of The Voice
13 Aug 2013 @ 12AM PDT

Max Martin's house is destined to become a recording studio – $3.72 million of it. Related Link: Max Martin Net Worth

Trey Parker's House:  The Cartoon Creator Cashes In On His Success
08 Aug 2013 @ 10PM PDT

Trey Parker's house in Brentwood is a $13 million indication that cartoons really can make a person wealthy. Related Link: Trey Parker Net Worth

Spike Lee's $30 Million Manhattan Mansion
06 Aug 2013 @ 5PM PDT

Spike Lee's house, all $30 million of it, makes his Kickstarter campaign seem more than a little strange. Related Links: Spike Lee Net Worth