Celebrity Homes

Celebrity homes come in all kinds of fabulous shapes, sizes and locations. Celebrities live in mansions, ranches and luxurious penthouse apartments. You'll find hollywood celebrity homes in California, New York, Paris, London and in dozens of exclusive towns worldwide. Here you can find lots of articles that take you inside real celebrity houses. See where all your favorite stars live and look at photos of their lavish mansions!

Gloria Estefan's House:  For $30K Per Month – the Rhythm Can Get You
31 Oct 2013 @ 10PM PST

Gloria Estefan's house in Miami can be yours for a not insubstantial $30,000 per month. Related Link: Gloria Estefan Net Worth

Robert Pattinson's House:  It Is Only a Matter of Time Before Twi-Hards Start Camping on the Lawn
24 Oct 2013 @ 10PM PST

Robert Pattinson's house hits the market just in time for lots of Twi-hards to dress up for Halloween and camp out front. Related Link: Robert Pattinson Net Worth

Kelly Clarkson's House:  The New Bride Makes Herself at Home
22 Oct 2013 @ 9PM PST

Kelly Clarkson's house in Tennessee returns the newly married singer to her roots. Related Link: Kelly Clarkson Net Worth

Marilyn Manson's House:  The Hard Rocker Gets Domesticated
19 Oct 2013 @ 2PM PST

Marilyn Manson's house in the Hollywood Hills may indicate that the wacky hard rocker is settling down. Related Link: Marilyn Manson Net Worth

Orlando Bloom's House:  Every Elf Lover's Fantasy Lists His Los Angeles Home
14 Oct 2013 @ 3PM PST

Orlando Bloom's all-black house in Los Angeles hits the market for $4.5 million. Related Link: Orlando Bloom Net Worth

Sarah Michelle Gellar's House:  New Baby, New Show, New House
11 Oct 2013 @ 7PM PST

Sarah Michelle Gellar's house signals a hit new show and brand new baby. Related Link: Sarah Michelle Gellar Net Worth

Wolfgang Puck's House: A Mansion Fit for a Chef
09 Oct 2013 @ 8PM PST

Wolfgang Puck's house is fit for a king… or at least a king of the kitchen. Related Link: Wolfgang Puck Net Worth

Richard Branson's House:  Live Like a Socialite for Just $60,000 A Night
07 Oct 2013 @ 11PM PST

Richard Branson's house in the Caribbean is gorgeous… and insanely expensive. Related Link: Richard Branson Net Worth

Emilio Estevez's House:  The Actor Turned Director Quietly Lists His Malibu Manse
03 Oct 2013 @ 10PM PST

Emilio Estevez's house in Malibu quietly hits the market for just under $10 million. Related Link: Emilio Estevez Net Worth

Annie Leibovitz's House:  The Famed Photographer Is Not Having a Picture Perfect Life
01 Oct 2013 @ 8PM PST

Annie Leibovitz's massive compound in the West Village hits the market for just under $30 million.

Kid Rock's House:  The Rocker Unloads a Surprisingly Zen-Like Home
26 Sep 2013 @ 8PM PST

Kid Rock's house hits the market for $13.45 million, and the interiors are nothing like you'd expect from the hip hop/rocker. Related Link: Kid Rock Net Worth

James Van Der Beek's House:  Out With the Old and In With the New
25 Sep 2013 @ 5PM PST

James Van Der Beek's house in Los Angeles has hit the market – for less than he paid for it. Related Link: James Van Der Beek Net Worth

Zoe Saldana's House:  The Popular Actress Unveils a New Marriage and a New House Listing
23 Sep 2013 @ 11PM PST

Zoe Saldana's house hits the market as she reveals her secret marriage to the general public. Related Link: Zoe Saldana Net Worth

Stanley Tucci's House:  The Low-Key Star Lists an Upstate Retreat
21 Sep 2013 @ 6PM PST

Stanley Tucci's house is a colonial retreat perfectly suited to the low-key actor. Related Links: Stanley Tucci Net Worth

Neil Patrick Harris' House:  The Award-Winning Actor Drops a Record Breaking Sum in Harlem
20 Sep 2013 @ 9PM PST

Neil Patrick Harris plunks down a record-breaking chunk of change on a townhouse in Harlem. Related Link: Neil Patrick Harris Net Worth