Casas de famosos

Las casas de los famosos vienen en todo tipo de formas, tamaños y ubicaciones fabulosas. Las celebridades viven en mansiones, haciendas y penthouses de lujo. Usted encontrará casas de famosos en California, Nueva York, Paris, Londres y en docenas de lugares exclusivos por todo el mundo. Aquí puede encontrar muchos artículos que lo llevarán dentro de las casas de celebridades reales. Mire donde viven sus estrellas favoritas y vea fotos de sus lujosas mansiones.

Gianni Versace's $125 Million Miami Mansion – Headed For The Auction Block
05 Jan 2014 @ 12PM PST

Are you interested in owning Gianni Versace's house in South Beach Miami? It was once listed for $125 million and in September will be auctioned off to the highest bidder…

Matthew Perry's House:  Live Like a Friend, Or at Least Rent Like One
27 Nov 2013 @ 10PM PST

With Matthew Perry's house on the rental market, you can rent like a celebrity, even if you can't live like one. Related Link: Matthew Perry Net Worth

Steve Martin's House:  His Massive Caribbean Villa is No Laughing Matter
25 Nov 2013 @ 11PM PST

Steve Martin's house in the Caribbean is not proving to be as popular as his comedic work. Related Link: Steve Martin Net Worth

Newly Released Video Tour Of Michael Jordan's Stunning $29 Million Chicago Mansion
09 Nov 2013 @ 11AM PST

On November 22, Michael Jordan is auctioning off this absolutely stunning $29 million Chicago mansion that he lived in for more than 19 years. Today his realty company released an unprecedented, all access, 360-degree, extensive video tour of the entire property. It will blow your mind.

Gloria Estefan's House:  For $30K Per Month – the Rhythm Can Get You
31 Oct 2013 @ 10PM PST

Gloria Estefan's house in Miami can be yours for a not insubstantial $30,000 per month. Related Link: Gloria Estefan Net Worth

Robert Pattinson's House:  It Is Only a Matter of Time Before Twi-Hards Start Camping on the Lawn
24 Oct 2013 @ 10PM PST

Robert Pattinson's house hits the market just in time for lots of Twi-hards to dress up for Halloween and camp out front. Related Link: Robert Pattinson Net Worth

Kelly Clarkson's House:  The New Bride Makes Herself at Home
22 Oct 2013 @ 9PM PST

Kelly Clarkson's house in Tennessee returns the newly married singer to her roots. Related Link: Kelly Clarkson Net Worth

Marilyn Manson's House:  The Hard Rocker Gets Domesticated
19 Oct 2013 @ 2PM PST

Marilyn Manson's house in the Hollywood Hills may indicate that the wacky hard rocker is settling down. Related Link: Marilyn Manson Net Worth

Orlando Bloom's House:  Every Elf Lover's Fantasy Lists His Los Angeles Home
14 Oct 2013 @ 3PM PST

Orlando Bloom's all-black house in Los Angeles hits the market for $4.5 million. Related Link: Orlando Bloom Net Worth

Sarah Michelle Gellar's House:  New Baby, New Show, New House
11 Oct 2013 @ 7PM PST

Sarah Michelle Gellar's house signals a hit new show and brand new baby. Related Link: Sarah Michelle Gellar Net Worth

Wolfgang Puck's House: A Mansion Fit for a Chef
09 Oct 2013 @ 8PM PST

Wolfgang Puck's house is fit for a king… or at least a king of the kitchen. Related Link: Wolfgang Puck Net Worth

Richard Branson's House:  Live Like a Socialite for Just $60,000 A Night
07 Oct 2013 @ 11PM PST

Richard Branson's house in the Caribbean is gorgeous… and insanely expensive. Related Link: Richard Branson Net Worth

Emilio Estevez's House:  The Actor Turned Director Quietly Lists His Malibu Manse
03 Oct 2013 @ 10PM PST

Emilio Estevez's house in Malibu quietly hits the market for just under $10 million. Related Link: Emilio Estevez Net Worth

Annie Leibovitz's House:  The Famed Photographer Is Not Having a Picture Perfect Life
01 Oct 2013 @ 8PM PST

Annie Leibovitz's massive compound in the West Village hits the market for just under $30 million.

Kid Rock's House:  The Rocker Unloads a Surprisingly Zen-Like Home
26 Sep 2013 @ 8PM PST

Kid Rock's house hits the market for $13.45 million, and the interiors are nothing like you'd expect from the hip hop/rocker. Related Link: Kid Rock Net Worth