Celebrity Homes

Celebrity homes come in all kinds of fabulous shapes, sizes and locations. Celebrities live in mansions, ranches and luxurious penthouse apartments. You'll find hollywood celebrity homes in California, New York, Paris, London and in dozens of exclusive towns worldwide. Here you can find lots of articles that take you inside real celebrity houses. See where all your favorite stars live and look at photos of their lavish mansions!

Former Beverly Hills Home Of Kenny Rogers Sells For $46.4 Million – And That's Actually A Bargain!!!
31 Mar 2015 @ 2PM PDT

Classic elegance abounds in this 24,000-square-foot, deco-inspired mansion where "The Gambler" crooner Kenny Rogers once lived.

Jets Owner Woody Johnson Sells NYC Co-Op For A Record $77.5 Million!
27 Mar 2015 @ 9AM PDT

Woody Johnson unloaded his duplex at 834 Fifth Avenue for $77.5 million, the city's most expensive co-op sale ever.

To Knock Out Competition For His Dream House, Manny Pacquiao Made The Sellers An Offer They Couldn't Refuse
26 Mar 2015 @ 3PM PDT

With two other bidders gunning for the mansion of his dreams, Manny Pacquiao made the sellers an offer that they couldn't refuse.

Did Carmelo Anthony And LaLa Just Buy A $12 Million NYC Condo?
26 Mar 2015 @ 10AM PDT

Word on the street — W 24th Street — is that Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony dropped $12 Million on this Chelsea condo. Peep the details and weep.

Stunning Private Island In Florida On Sale For $24.5 Million
25 Mar 2015 @ 1PM PDT

If you've always wanted to own a private island but you don't like leaving the country, you're in luck!

Winklevoss Twins Want To Rent You This Hollywood Mansion For $150k A MONTH
24 Mar 2015 @ 6PM PDT

Man that Harvard Connection money really must be piling up! You can now rent the Winklevoss brothers' LA mansion for $150k per month…

Manny Pacquiao Drops $12.5 Million To Buy Diddy's Former Beverly Hills Mansion
14 Mar 2015 @ 11AM PDT

No matter what happens to Manny Pacquiao when he fights Floyd Mayweather, at least he'll have this amazing Beverly Hills mansion to call home…

Love The Walking Dead? Now You Can Buy An Entire Walking Dead City!!! (Zombies Not Included)
08 Mar 2015 @ 2PM PDT

A tiny town where The Walking Dead was once filmed was just put up on eBay! Own a piece of Zombie history!

17-Year-Old Kylie Jenner Just Bought A $2.7 Million House
25 Feb 2015 @ 4PM PDT

When you're a member of the Jenner/Kardashian clan, "leaving the nest" apparently means buying a $2.7 million mansion in a gated community.

If Someone Bought Celebrity Net Worth For $100 Million–I Would Buy This House
04 Feb 2015 @ 5PM PDT

A historic mansion in Marin County, California just went on the market for $50 million. And I want it.

Guy Buys Watch At Goodwill For $5.99. He Chose…Wisely.
31 Jan 2015 @ 7PM PDT

That watch you just bought for $5.99 at a thrift shop? Ya, it's worth a lot more than that. Macklemore would be proud.

Dr. Dre Just Sold His Incredible Hollywood Hills Mansion For $32.5 Million
30 Jan 2015 @ 10AM PDT

Dr. Dre can finally make the move over to the $50 million mansion he bought from Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen last May, because he just sold his old house for a cool $32.5 million!!!

Forget Old Folk's Homes – Retire On A Luxury Cruise Ship! This Woman Has Done It For 10 Years!!
21 Jan 2015 @ 7PM PDT

Forget retiring to an old folk's home. This woman has spent the last DECADE living on a cruise ship, all year round! Is this brilliant or insane?

Beyonce And Jay-Z Lose Bidding War For Absolutely Insane Beverly Hills Megamansion
18 Dec 2014 @ 6PM PDT

Remember the absolutely insane Beverly Hills mansion that Beyonce and Jay-Z were trying to buy a few months ago? They just got outbid by someone you'd never expect.

10 of the World's Most Expensive Homes
15 Dec 2014 @ 3PM PDT

We've assembled a handful of some of the most luxurious estates. These are the types of properties where the taxes alone on the land are exponentially more than the median American income. However, we can dream, right?