Celebrity Homes

Celebrity homes come in all kinds of fabulous shapes, sizes and locations. Celebrities live in mansions, ranches and luxurious penthouse apartments. You'll find hollywood celebrity homes in California, New York, Paris, London and in dozens of exclusive towns worldwide. Here you can find lots of articles that take you inside real celebrity houses. See where all your favorite stars live and look at photos of their lavish mansions!

10 of the World's Most Expensive Homes
15 Dec 2014 @ 3PM PST

We've assembled a handful of some of the most luxurious estates. These are the types of properties where the taxes alone on the land are exponentially more than the median American income. However, we can dream, right?

12 Stunning Facts About Mukesh Ambani's Billion Dollar Mumbai Mansion "Antilia"
10 Dec 2014 @ 3PM PST

At $1 billion, it's the most expensive, and likely most luxurious, private home in the world. Here are 12 stunning facts about Antilia and the Ambani family in general.

Everything You Need To Know About Bill Gates' Absolutely Incredible House In Seattle
18 Nov 2014 @ 6PM PST

You've probably heard that Bill Gates owns a absolutely insane home up in Seattle. Here's everything you need to know about what makes his property so unique and amazing…

$195 Million Beverly Hills Palace Is Now The Most Expensive Home In The United States
13 Nov 2014 @ 12PM PST

The most expensive home for sale in the United States just hit the market. It's in Beverly Hills and it's gonna cost you $195 million…

The 10 Most Expensive Haunted Houses in the US
30 Oct 2014 @ 10AM PST

These ten haunted houses have price tags that are almost as scary as the spirits who inhabit them.

Fashion Mogul Donna Karan Lists Stunning Caribbean Beachfront Estate For $40 Million
25 Oct 2014 @ 12PM PST

This might be my dream home. I don't know why anyone would sell this! Check out Donna Karan's recently listed $40 million Caribbean estate…

Childhood Homes of Celebrities Compared To Their Current Mansions
22 Oct 2014 @ 12PM PST

Started from the bottom… now they are here. Comparing childhood celebrity homes to the insane mansions they live in today.

Lady Gaga Just Dropped $24 Million On This Amazing Malibu Mansion
17 Oct 2014 @ 6PM PST

Lady Gaga just bought her first piece of real estate in California. And she's coming out of the gates with a bang!

Mark Zuckerberg Just Dropped $116 Million On Humongous Hawaiian Property
14 Oct 2014 @ 11AM PST

If the Ebola epidemic turns into a zombie apocalypse, Mark Zuckerberg and his family should be safe for a while on this enormous Hawaiian estate that he just acquired for $116 million…

Deadmau5 Buys $5 Million Mansion – Immediately Makes Fun Of Avicii And Calvin Harris Over Twitter
11 Oct 2014 @ 12PM PST

While some DJs spend $15 million on houses, Deadmau5 "only" spends $5 million. He then uses the opportunity to make fun of his over-spending peers.

LeBron James Is Selling This Absolutely Stunning Waterfront Miami Compound
03 Oct 2014 @ 5PM PST

Now that he's moving home to Cleveland, LeBron James no longer needs this absolutely stunning waterfront Miami mansion. And if it goes for asking price, he'll make a killing! Which is good, because LeBron needs more money.

Calling All Lakers' Fans! Kareem Abdul Jabbar's $5.9 Million Custom-Built Hawaiian Mansion is On Sale!
21 Sep 2014 @ 9AM PST

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar followed one of the most successful basketball careers ever, with a $5.9 million custom built Hawaiian mansion. Now that property is up for sale.

Jay-Z And Beyonce Might Purchase This Absolutely Stunning $85 Million Beverly Hills Mansion
17 Sep 2014 @ 9AM PST

Rumors are floating around that Beyonce and Jay-Z are about to buy a newly-built $85 million Beverly Hills mansion. Even if the rumors are false, this house will seriously melt your brain.

Kimye Just Dropped $20 Million on a New House… Because They Can.
15 Sep 2014 @ 9AM PST

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian finally move out of her Mom's house and in to the $20 million mansion of their dreams.

$139 Million Amazing Waterfront Palace In Florida Is The New Most Expensive Home For Sale In The US
07 Sep 2014 @ 6PM PST

An absolutely amazing house just hit the market in Florida. If you're looking for a new place to live, and have $140 million lying around… it could be yours!