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Just How Badly Is Jordan Brand Crushing Other Shoe Competition?
05 Mar 2015 @ 10AM PST

Michael Jordan has been out of the NBA for A LONG time and his sneaker brand is still absolutely crushing the competition. But just how badly? Really badly.

Forget Billionaires. When Will The World Have A TRILLIONAIRE? Sooner Than You May Think!!!
04 Mar 2015 @ 6PM PST

How far away are we from seeing the world's first TRILLIONAIRE? Centuries? Never gonna happen? We might be closer than you'd think.

Man Caught Trying To Fly From JFK With $770,000 Cash Hidden In All Sorts Of Weird Places
04 Mar 2015 @ 4PM PST

Yesterday, Federal authorities announced that they had busted a man at JFK for carrying too much cash while traveling. WAY TOO MUCH. Hidden in really weird places.

Lawsuit Reveals Exactly How Much Money Robin Thicke And Pharrell Earned Off "Blurred Lines"
04 Mar 2015 @ 12AM PST

Thanks to legal paperwork that was filed this week, we're learning some intimate financial details about the profits of "Blurred Lines" that would normally be top secret…

Hedge Fund Billionaire Makes $68 Million Per Month (After Taxes) According To Ex-Wife
03 Mar 2015 @ 6PM PST

The divorce battle between Ken Griffin and ex-wife Anne Dias is definitely starting to reveal some insane info on the day-to-day lifestyle of your average billionaire hedge fund manager…

Judge Judy Just Made $280 Million
03 Mar 2015 @ 5PM PST

The verdict is in! Judge Judy will continue to be the highest-paid TV star in the world through 2020.

Mystery YouTube Toy Millionaire Revealed To Be Retired Brazilian Porn Star
03 Mar 2015 @ 10AM PST

DisneyCollectorBR has been described as the queen of "first person toy porn". Which is ironic because she also might be a retired porn star. That's awkward.

If You Bought 100 Shares Of Coca-Cola In 1919, You Would Be A Very Happy Person Today…
02 Mar 2015 @ 8PM PST

If you traveled back in time and bought 100 shares of Coca Cola in 1919, how much money would you have today?

Snapchat Founders Are Now The Youngest Billionaires On The Planet
02 Mar 2015 @ 10AM PST

Snapchat founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy are 24 and 25 years old, respectively. They are worth $3 billion collectively, making them the youngest billionaires on the planet.

How Chamillionaire Went From Ridin' Dirty To Entrepreneur
01 Mar 2015 @ 9PM PST

The incredibly diverse and surprisingly impressive entrepreneurial career of rapper Chamillionaire

The Net Worth Of Every "We Are The World" Performer 30 Years Later
01 Mar 2015 @ 9PM PST

"We Are The World" turns 30 years old this year. Let's look back at how this event came together and how each performer's bank account looks three decades later…

How Much Money Did Bill Bowerman Make Off Nike?
01 Mar 2015 @ 11AM PST

From humble state college track coach, to extremely wealthy accidental entrepreneur. This is the story of Bill Bowerman and how much money he earned from co-founding Nike.

Elizabeth Taylor And The Amazing Story Of The La Peregrina Pearl
01 Mar 2015 @ 10AM PST

Elizabeth Taylor's amazing jewelry collection included one of the largest pearls ever found, the famed, "La Peregrina," owned by centuries of royalty.

This Guy Might Have The Most Envied Car Collection In The World–And It's Only Three Cars!
27 Feb 2015 @ 6PM PST

British businessman Paul Bailey recently became the only person in the world to own this extremely rare combination of extremely expensive supercars…

Rapper, Private Jet Company Owner, Married To A Billionaire…The Ultra-Impressive Life Of Entrepeneur Jesse Itzler
27 Feb 2015 @ 5PM PST

He's a rapper, songwriter, founder of Marquis Jet, and married to a billionaire. The incredible life of Jesse Itzler