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How Much Was Pablo Picasso Worth When He Died?
29 Jul 2014 @ 4PM PDT

Pablo Picasso left a massive artistic legacy. He also left a valuable estate, two wives, three mistresses, and four children. The only thing he didn't leave was a will.

25 Year Old Formula One Heiress Petra Ecclestone Wants To Sell The Spelling Mansion. Asking Price? $150 Million.
28 Jul 2014 @ 7PM PDT

25 year old Formula One heiress Petra Ecclestone just put the Spelling Mansion in Beverly Hills on the market… for $150 million.

How Weird Al Rocked The Social Media World To Reach #1 On The Charts
28 Jul 2014 @ 10AM PDT

Despite having a very successful career than spans nearly 40 years, Weird Al Yankovic has never actually had a #1 album on the Billboard charts. Until now!

The Most Famous Corporate Logo Of All Time Was Designed By A 21 Year Old Student… For $35.
27 Jul 2014 @ 5PM PDT

Imagine you're a struggling graphic design student at Portland State University in 1971. One day, an accounting professor asks you to design a logo for his side-business shoe company. How much would you charge him for the logo?

Dr. Dre Is NOT A Billionaire. Let's Clear This Up Once And For All.
26 Jul 2014 @ 5PM PDT

Not a day goes by without someone emailing us or leaving an angry comment complaining that our net worth estimate for Dr Dre is wrong. Let's clear this up once and for all right now: Dr. Dre is NOT a billionaire.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Now Richer Than Google Rivals Larry Page And Sergey Brin – Will He Keep Roaring? Or Will His Bubble Burst?
25 Jul 2014 @ 12PM PDT

For the first time ever, Mark Zuckerberg has surpassed Google rivals Larry Page and Sergey Brin in terms of overall net worth. But will it last?

You Just Won a Televised Singing Competition So Now You'll Make Loads of Money! Or Maybe Not…
25 Jul 2014 @ 10AM PDT

Winning a televised talent competition is not always what it's cracked up to be. Some of these artists found out that just because you rock the mic for the judges, doesn't necessarily mean that audiences will love you, too.

If You Were The Richest Person On The Planet, Would You Pay The Ransom For Your Kidnapped Grandson? J. Paul Getty Didn't.
24 Jul 2014 @ 4PM PDT

Pop quiz: You're the richest person in the world and your grandson was just kidnapped. Do you pay the ransom? This happened in 1973 to oil billionaire John Paul Getty. His refusal to pay set off an extremely bizarre and morbid ordeal.

How To Lose 96% Of Your Fortune And Get Fired From Your Own Company: The Downfall Of American Apparel Founder Dov Charney.
23 Jul 2014 @ 5PM PDT

Getting fired sucks. But getting fired after destroying 96% of your net worth and nearly bankrupting your own company, that's some serious pain. This is the story of American Apparel founder Dov Charney.

How Vladimir Putin Stashed Away A Secret $70 Billion Personal Fortune
23 Jul 2014 @ 5PM PDT

Vladimir Putin claims to have a very meager net worth and salary. That doesn't jibe with his rumored $70 billion secret secret fortune.

The Money It Takes to Assemble "The Expendables"
22 Jul 2014 @ 10PM PDT

Sylvester Stallone has managed to assemble some of the world's most popular action stars for each of his "Expendables" movies. Making those casts happen is a combination of balancing egos and balancing his budget.

The Richest Person In Germany – Karl Albrecht – Dead At 94
22 Jul 2014 @ 5PM PDT

The richest person in Germany, Karl Albrecht, has died at the age of 94. He was the 26th richest person in the world and had a fascinating life story.

Did Jesse Ventura Get Knocked Out In A Bar Back In 2006? And Did This Alleged Fight Cost Him Millions? A Strange Lawsuit Claims, Yes.
22 Jul 2014 @ 12PM PDT

Back in 2006, the former governor/actor/pro wrestler Jesse Ventura was allegedly knocked out cold at a bar in San Diego after he was overheard insulting the Navy SEALs. Jesse denies it ever happened and has launched a bizarre lawsuit to clear his name.

Five Entrepreneurial Moms Who Turned Their Ideas Into Million Dollar Empires
21 Jul 2014 @ 11PM PDT

These five mothers have made millions pursuing their passions while also caring for their families…

These Two Feuding Peruvian Brothers Took Rival Cosmetics Companies And Became Multi-Billionaires
21 Jul 2014 @ 11PM PDT

When the Belmont brothers of Peru have a disagreement, they settle their feud by launching rival multi-billion dollar empires…