Articles Written by Dee Dee

Most Expensive Music Video
07 Jan 2013 @ 5AM PDT

It's hard to remember, but there was a time when MTV would play music videos all day long. Even harder to remember that artists would shell out millions of dollars to impress MTV viewers.

Bill Gates House
04 Jan 2013 @ 6AM PDT

Where does Bill Gates live? Bill Gates lives in Medina, Washington. The house is a Pacific Northwest lodge design, and features seven bedrooms, six kitchens, six fireplaces, and 24 bathrooms.

Secretary Of State Salary
01 Jan 2013 @ 6AM PDT

How much does the Secretary Of State make? Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton is the fourth highest paid person in the US Government. But what is her salary???

Most Expensive Pokemon Card
19 Dec 2012 @ 6AM PDT

The most expensive Pokemon card is the Pikachu Illustrator. Only six of the Pikachu Illustrator were produced and today these cards can be sold for an insane amount of money.

The Seven Most Famous Gold Diggers
15 Aug 2012 @ 9AM PDT

In today's tumultuous economy, getting filthy rich is tougher than ever. Luckily, some people have come up with a perfect formula for wealth and fame: just marry a rich person, and then live off them for the rest of your life!

Average American Salary
27 Jul 2011 @ 8PM PDT

How much does the average American make? What is the average American Salary? Related question – what is the average medical assistant salary?

How Much Does An Accountant Make?
26 Jul 2011 @ 12PM PDT

How much does an accountant make? An accountant earns an excellent salary for the work they perform. And in a related question what is a CPA's Salary?

Most Expensive Watch
20 Jul 2011 @ 10PM PDT

What is the world's most expensive watch? The top ten list of expensive watches are highly sought after by those who can afford such luxury items. And while we're on the top of pricey accessories, I bet you'd like to know how much the most expensive Jordans cost.

Steve Carell House
14 Feb 2011 @ 12PM PDT

Steve Carell owns a home in Toluca Lake, California, and owns a home in Marshfield, MA. Carell's 1.27 acre Toluca Lake acre estate was previously owned by comic Jonathan Winters.

Nate Berkus House
11 Feb 2011 @ 12PM PDT

Nate Berkus owns a condo in Chicago, Illinois. Berkus lives in a 1928 apartment building, the interior of the 7-room full floor condo was decorated and designed by Nate Berkus.