The Net Worth of Every US President Ever

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Today is Presidents Day and fittingly 24/ published a story in which they listed the net worths of every single US President from George Washington to Barack Obama. Turns out George Washington would be worth an estimated $525 million in today's dollars thanks largely to a significant property inheritance from his father. Teddy Roosevelt would be worth $125 million thanks to a healthy trust fund and a 235 acre family estate which today is some of Long Island's most valuable land. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the president who led us through the great depression, would be worth $60 million. JFK's father was one of the wealthiest men in America at the time of his death, with a family fortune that would have been over $1 billion in today's dollars. Below are some more modern presidential net worth's:

Jimmy Carter net worth $5 million.

George H.W. Bush net worth $15 million

Bill Clinton net worth $85 million

George W. Bush net worth $26 million

Barack Obama net worth $5 million

How much does the President make per year?

Presidents Net Worths

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