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How much does a pastor make? Pastors earn a good salary for their chosen religious profession. Pastors are ordained leaders of a church who conduct religious worship, and perform other spiritual tasks associated with beliefs and practices of religious faith or denomination. A pastor provides moral and spiritual guidance to church members, and instructs prospective members who seek to join the church. Pastors interpret the doctrine of religion, having knowledge of the religious practices they follow. Pastors should have a knowledge of different religions and philosophical systems, and their impact on human culture. Pastors prepare and deliver sermons, conduct weddings and funerals, and provide members support during illness and death. Pastors oversee religious education programs in their church.

How much does a pastor make?

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The term pastor refers to an ordained leader of a Christian congregation, and may used in reference to priests and bishops within the Catholic and Orthodox churches. The Latin word pastor means "shepherd"; the term pastor is used in North America in a casual way to address a clergy person. Many Protestant clergy persons use the term pastor as a title.

Pastor Job Duties:

Administer religious rites or ordinances.

Pray and promote spirituality.

Read from sacred texts such as the Bible.

Prepare and deliver sermons and other talks.

Organize and lead regular religious services.

Study and interpret religious laws, doctrines, and/or traditions.

Conduct special ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, and confirmations.

Counsel individuals and groups concerning their spiritual, emotional, and personal needs.

Visit people in homes, hospitals, and prisons to provide them with comfort and support.

Perform administrative duties such as overseeing building management, ordering supplies, contracting for services and repairs, and supervising the work of staff members and volunteers.

Collaborate with committees and individuals to address financial and administrative issues pertaining to congregations.

Train leaders of church, community, and youth groups.

Instruct people who seek conversion to a particular faith.

Share information about religious issues by writing articles, giving speeches, or teaching.

Organize and engage in interfaith, community, civic, educational, and recreational activities sponsored by or related to their religion.

Plan and lead religious education programs for their congregations.

Pastors must generally have a four-year college degree. They do additional Master's level work in theology, pastoral counseling, and other related subjects. Employment of priests is projected to increase in 2008 to 2018, as fast as average for most occupations.

How much does a pastor make per hour?

A May 2009 Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows the median hourly wages for a pastor was $22.58.

Industry And Hourly Wages

Religious Organizations $22.38

General Medical and Surgical Hospitals $22.45

Home Health Care Services $22.36

Nursing Care Facilities $20.13

State Government (OES Designation) $25.03

How much does a pastor make per year?

The median yearly salary for pastors according to a May 2009 Bureau of Labor Statistics report was $46,960.

Industry And Annual Wages

Religious Organizations $46,550

General Medical and Surgical Hospitals $46,690

Home Health Care Services $46,510

Nursing Care Facilities $41,860

State Government (OES Designation) $52,060

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