The 30 Richest DJs in the World

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Who are the richest DJs in the world? In terms of getting money, glory and girls, a lot of people probably wish they were a professional athlete like Tom Brady or Derek Jeter. But if it were up to me, I would, without a doubt, choose to be a world famous DJ over every other profession. Think about it. The richest DJs in the world fly around in private jets to exotic nightclubs where they get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for a few hours of work. They're paid to make people have a good time and for just doing their job, DJs are worshiped like Gods. It also doesn't hurt that the night clubs are always jam packed with the best looking women in the world including famous actresses and super models. We could (and probably should) do an entire gallery showing famous DJs hanging out with incredibly attractive women, but for now here's one example of Tiesto with a couple friends:

Tiesto With Hot Girls

Tiesto and his Girlfriends

But who are the richest DJs in the world and how much do they make per show? The richest djs in the world are really off the charts in terms of coolest lives on the planet. If you are a fan of electronic music, you will probably recognize the names on this list but we think you'll be very surprised and impressed at just how rich and highly paid the top DJs are. These DJs put out their own albums and produce songs for other mainstream artists like Madonna and Britney Spears, but their main bread and butter still comes from private shows. If you're one of the top ranked DJs in the world, you can earn hundreds of thousands and possibly even millions for a single concert depending on the date and location. A private birthday party at a Suadi Prince's palace in Dubai or one Vegas New Years Eve show can earn a top DJ more money than most people will earn in a lifetime. So get ready to be amazed, and start practicing your turntables. Click the image below to launch the gallery:

The 30 Richest DJs in the World:

  1. #30: Afrojack Net Worth – $2 million
  2. #29: Markus Schulz Net Worth – $2 million
  3. #28: Darude Net Worth – $2.5 million
  4. #27: Kaskade Net Worth – $3 million
  5. #26: Martin Solveig Net Worth – $3 million
  6. #25: Eric Prydz Net Worth – $4 million
  7. #24: Swedish House Mafia Net Worth – $4 million each
  8. #23: Gareth Emery Net Worth – $5 million
  9. #22: Avicii Net Worth – $6 million
  10. #21: Skrillex Net Worth – $8 million
  11. #20: ATB aka Andre Tanneberger – $8 million
  12. #19: Calvin Harris Net Worth – $10 million
  13. #18: Deadmau5 Net Worth – $12 million
  14. #17: Benny Benassi Net Worth – $14 million
  15. #16: Carl Cox Net Worth – $15 million
  16. #15: The Chemical Brothers Net Worth – $15 million
  17. #14: Ferry Corsten Net Worth – $18 million
  18. #13: Steve Aoki Net Worth – $20 million
  19. #12: Fatboy Slim Net Worth – $22 million
  20. #11: David Guetta Net Worth – $25 million
  21. #10: Moby Net Worth $28 million
  22. #9: Daft Punk Net Worth – $30 million each
  23. #8: Pete Tong Net Worth – $30 million
  24. #7: Judge Jules Net Worth – $40 million
  25. #6: Sasha (DJ) Net Worth – $40 million
  26. #5: Armin Van Buuren Net Worth – $40 million
  27. #4: John Digweed Net Worth – $45 million
  28. #3: Paul van Dyk Net Worth – $50 million
  29. #2: Paul Oakenfold Net Worth – $55 million
  30. #1: DJ Tiesto Net Worth – $65 million
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