The 20 Richest Drug Dealers of All Time

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*** Fabio Ochoa - Net Worth: Unknown.

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While most people agree that Pablo Escobar was by far the richest and most powerful drug lord that ever lived, many believe that Pablo was a mere peon compared to Fabio Ochoa. Fabio's sons are #4 on this very list. While he was never directly linked to the drug trade, Fabio Ochoa is said to have been the real drug lord of Colombia. He was a champion horse breeder who died in 2002 having never spent a moment in jail. As one Medellin insider stated: "Many people want to believe that Pablo Escobar was the king of cocaine, they can believe that, but the man that was really the king was Ochoa". When a drug lord dies a free man, his true net worth is impossible to estimate.
*** Fabio Ochoa - Net Worth: Unknown.
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