The Highest Paid Hockey Players

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The 2013 NHL playoffs are in full effect so we thought it would be a very appropriate time to take a look at the highest paid hockey players. Considering how violent Hockey is, you'd think the players would demand way more money in salary. The average NHL player makes roughly $2.4 million per season compared to NBA players who make roughly $5.2 million. Not only are hockey players underpaid compared to other pro-sports, their careers are typically very short. More than 50% of all hockey players suit up for fewer than 100 games in their entire career. For at least 5% of of professional hockey players, their first game is also their last. There are always exceptions, for example hall-of-famer Gordie Howe played professionally for 26 seasons! Nevertheless, even if you were one of the highest paid hockey players, you'd be a pauper compared to your MLB, NBA and NFL counterparts.

Shea Weber Salary

Highest Paid Hockey Players

It should be noted that the 2012-2013 season is shorter than normal thanks to the NHL contract lockouts. Instead of playing 82 games, this season there are only 48. Due to the shortened season, player salaries have been pro-rated. For example, the highest paid hockey player in the 2013 is Shea Weber, who has a base salary of $8.2 million. Had Shea played a full season he would have earned $14 million. Interestingly, even at the full $14 million, Shea wouldn't crack the top 50 of the highest paid NBA and MLB players. So what's the lesson here? If you want your kid to make a bunch of money playing a professional sport, maybe it would be best to steer him/her away from the hockey rink…

The Highest Paid Hockey Players:

  • #1: Shea Weber — $8,195,122 (Should have been $14 million)
  • #2: Chris Pronger — $7,200,000 (Should have been $12 million)
  • #3: Brad Richards — $7,024,390 (Should have been $12 million)
  • #4: Tyler Myers — $7,024,390 (Should have been $12 million)
  • #5: Ryan Suter — $7,024,390 (Should have been $12 million)
  • #6: Daniel Briere — $7,000,000
  • #7: Marc Savard — $6,500,000
  • #8: Anze Kopitar — $6,500,000
  • #9: Ilya Kovalchuk — $6,439,024
  • #10: Vincent Lecavalier — $5,853,659
  • #11: Brent Burns — $5,760,000
  • #12: Evgeni Malkin — $5,268,293 (Should have been $9.5 million)
  • #13: Alex Ovechkin — $5,268,293 (Should have been $9.5 million)
  • #14: Sidney Crosby – $5,092,607 (Should have been $8.7 million)
  • #15: Ryan Kesler — $5,000,000
  • #16: Mattias Ohlund — $5,000,000
  • #17: Eric Staal — $4,975,610 (Should have been $8.5 million)
  • #18: Mike Richards — $4,917,073
  • #19: Duncan Keith — $4,682,927
  • #20: Jason Spezza — $4,682,927
  • #21: Christian Ehrhoff — $4,682,927
  • #22: Steven Stamkos — $4,682,927 (Should have been $7.5 million)
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