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CelebrityNetWorth.com was founded in October 2008 in Los Angeles California, and has since grown to become one of the most popular and influential celebrity finance outlets on the Internet. Whether you're looking for the latest net worth and salary of your favorite celebrity or you want to stay up to date on all the most expensive products and gizmos in the world, Celebritynetworth has you covered. All of our figures and articles are thoroughly researched, scrutinized and fact checked by our team of writers and financial analysts. The figures are acquired from all publicly available information including salaries, real estate holdings, divorces, record sales, royalties and endorsements. The estimated net worths come from a formula that takes out taxes, manager's fees, agents' fees, and lifestyle. CelebrityNetWorth is edited by…

  • Articles Written by Brian Warner
    Brian Warner Director, Brand and Digital Products
    Prior to launching Celebrity Net Worth, Brian spent seven years as the Managing Editor of one of the largest entertainment portals on the internet. Before that, Brian attended Georgetown University where he double majored in finance and marketing. A native of Northern California, Brian currently resides in Los Angeles. Follow him on Google+.
  • Articles Written by Alex Chan
    Alex Chan Director, Development and IT Strategy
    Alex Chan is Celebrity Net Worth's developing manager and marketing consultant. He started by managing content optimization since 2003 for Hutchison Telecommunication's 3G web assets out of Hong Kong. Alex now develops under his latest consultation firm AntiSocial Solutions. Follow him on Google+.
  • Articles Written by Don Wilson
    Don Wilson Senior Developer
    Don has attained a wealth of experience from more than a decade of building complex and highly trafficked websites. Learning HTML on a family road trip kick-started his passion for learning every intricate detail of web development, from front-end layouts to building large scale websites. Apart from producing features for CelebrityNetWorth, Don resides in North Dallas and enjoys anything related to astronomy. Follow him on Google+.
  • Chris Eves Senior Editor
    Having graduated with a film degree from Loyola Marymount University, Chris has spent over 10 years living and breathing from the epicenter of the entertainment industry. Chris brings a wealth of experience to his role as senior editor of CelebrityNetWorth, not only as a writer but as a director and producer of several feature films and music videos.
  • Articles Written by George J. Pilibosian
    George holds an Economics degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and has over ten years of experience running the marketing groups at two large U.S. investment firms. He has always loved business, especially the financial and marketing functions. Rather recently, a friend asked for help writing a business plan–the experience became George’s “aha moment.” Ever since, he has been advising young entrepreneurs and developing business plans for them through his firm, RedHotPlans.com​. George has been reading Celebrity Net Worth since 2009, and when the opportunity arose to be part of our dynamic team, he just couldn't resist. Follow him on LinkedIn .
  • Articles Written by Paula Wilson
    Paula Wilson Author
    Paula Wilson is a writer, director, production manager, and former professional dancer, originally from North America, who has worked as a performer or director in ten countries and sixteen states. When not writing for CNW, she serves as the Artistic Director of The International Partner Dance Intensive (www.tipdi.com). Follow her on Google+.
  • Articles Written by Erin Gibb
    Erin Gibb Author
    Erin Gibb is a new mom, political junkie, blogger, and advocate for the environment. She has over 14 years of experience in politics and government and has been fortunate to do her professional stretching and growing with elected officials like former President Bill Clinton and while on the campaign trail with dozens of political candidates running for federal, state and local office. In life and through art, Erin tackles politically-charged issues with style, humor, and a wee bit of sarcasm. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Iowa and a Masters degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California. Follow her on Google+.
  • Articles Written by Amy Lamare
    Amy Lamare Author
    Amy Lamare is a Los Angeles based writer covering entertainment, sports and pop culture. She spent 8 1/2 years covering the entertainment industry for www.hsx.com. She attended the University of Southern California where she majored in Creative Writing. An avid long distance runner, weekends she can be found running 1/2 and full marathons. Follow her on Google+.
  • Articles Written by Joseph Gibson
    Joseph Gibson is a freelance writer currently based in Austin, TX. His main interests are movies, music, books, and other things you can watch, read, or listen to. Follow Joseph on Google+.
  • Articles Written by Simon Gerard
    Simon Gerard Author
    Simon Gerard is a blogger for luxury brands, travel and lifestyle. He also loves writing about all the cash celebrities have made and all the ridiculous stuff they get to blow it on for Celebrity Net Worth. Follow him on Twitter: @S_Gerard and Follow on Google+
  • Joey Held Author
    If there's a story anywhere in the world of music, sports, or entertainment, Joey wants to tell it. He's been freelancing since 2010, and prior to that, he attended the University of Miami, where he double majored in broadcast journalism and sport administration. A Chicago native, Joey currently resides in Austin, TX. Follow him on Twitter and Google+ and always feel free to suggest a song for his next karaoke performance.
  • Articles Written by B. George Young
    B. George Young is a freelance writer who was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He graduated from the University of Northern Arizona with a degree in humanities. George is an amateur DJ who spends lots of time watching sports. Follow him on Google+.
  • Articles Written by Mark Kurlyandchik
    A Soviet-born, Detroit-bred journalist and writer, Mark is currently a student at UC-Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism, where he reports on the food and businesses of San Francisco's Mission District. Before furthering his studies, he was a senior editor at a monthly general-interest magazine in the Motor City. He lives in the Bay Area with his wife and their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Penelope. Follow him on Google+.
  • Articles Written by Max Savage Levenson
    A recent East Coast transplant, Max is currently studying at the UC Berkeley School of Journalism, where he reports on the eccentric music community of the Bay Area and the state of the Oakland School District. Before arriving in California, he lived in Baltimore and Paris, where he documented music on the page and on the screen. Follow him on Google+.
  • Articles Written by Dan Farkas
    Dan Farkas Author
    Dan Farkas is a freelance writer and former sports anchor who spends his time working on various projects in the print, digital, audio and visual space. He also tries to corral two kids under the age of four and really wants to run a marathon someday. Follow him on Google+.
  • Articles Written by Sara Schapmann
    Sara is a versatile and accomplished professional with over 10 years of writing and marketing experience. She has worked in a variety of industries, from documentary television and talk shows to higher education and event planning. Sara currently writes for several websites covering topics such as entertainment, health and well-being, education, and food. Follow her on Google+.
  • Articles Written by Simon Pollock
    Simon Pollock is a freelance writer and Ultimate Frisbee player living in Baltimore, MD. He trains at and works for the Maryland Athletic Club, travels to coach and compete on the weekends, and when not writing for CNW, is a reporter and columnist for Ultiworld.com. Follow him on Google+.